All for the Love of Rest

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What makes a mom a good mom? What kind of things do we do for our children - our families - things that we know we should do or want to do because we love our people? Things that another mom looks at and might say, “she is such a good mom.” Examples:  A good mom…feeds her kids nutritious food A good mom…takes her kids out on individual dates regularly A good mom…helps her kids with their homework A good mom…makes sure her kids clothing needs are taken care of A good mom…makes sure her kids get to practices and games and has everything they need to succeed in their sport A good mom…volunteers at her kids school A good mom…plans and hosts a fun birthday party for her birthday kid  The list could go on and on and on. Here’s the deal. Those are all great things and we’re not here to talk down on those things. Some of the things on that list - making sure our kids have the clothes or food they need -are things we should all be doing. Some of the things - hosting a fun birthday party - are optional things. Not all of us are going to be the kind of moms that throw fun birthday parties and that is totally okay. We celebrate the moms that throw amazing parties and confidently know that we do other things for our kids that are just as special and meaningful, even if they are different. Did you notice something about the list we made? Did you notice how all of the things we listed have one thing in common? They are all actions - things that we are doing to show up for our kids and our families and take care of them.  Right…

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