It’s a New Year & MOPS is back {and why you should go first}

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Hey Mama - I'm so glad you found your way to this space & I hope it means I'll get to meet you in person soon. You are welcome here, and MOPS is in full swing as we kick off this new person. Won't you join us? ~ September 1st and the sun shone bright and warm when I walked through those clear glass doors with my three-year-old son in tow. What am I doing? My heart thrummed in my chest. This is stupid. I don’t need a “mom group”.  Mom group. Insert <gag>. Her hair was cut in a cute brown bob that framed her face and she was wearing yellow shorts. Her face was bright and her eyes were warm. “I’m so glad you’re here,” she said, as I fumbled my way into the church, “I’m Dez. Let me tell you about MOPS.” Stacy walked me to the classroom for Leo’s age group and Kristin reassured me when I left my kid with people I didn’t know – for the first time ever. “They’re so great back here,” She said. “They will call you if he needs you. He’s going to have fun and make friends! I know it’s hard. Do you want to sit with me?” What am I doing here?  I poured myself coffee and I sat down with a table of women I didn’t know. The morning flew by, I got Leo from his classroom and I went home, feeling more hope in my heart than I had in a long time. I wrote, “Today there was MOPS and new friends, meeting up with 35 strangers and being met by 35 kind and genuine smiles and being encouraged by a whole lot of authenticity and talk of this one, next year, being a year to LOOK…

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Alternate Meetings

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There's a couple different ways we have been meeting again - if you're interested in checking out this MOPS group, please drop a message to us. We would love to help connect you to area moms.

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Updates to MOPS meetings

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Due to COVID and hybrid schooling, we have had to make some changes in how we are currently operating our MOPS meetings.

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